We Are Kale: The Story of an Unstoppable Idea

How did Kale come about, why, what for and for whom was it created? We give a brief description of Kale's origin and the reasons that have driven us to think differently in order to help brands grow. It all starts with a revolutionary idea and continues with you, the customers.


"We do things right with people in mind."

As we previously stated in our previous post, in which we presented Kale, this new company comes from a solid idea: the customer is the centre of everything.

With this concept in mind, Kale is born in 2021, in a complex scenario marked by change, instability and the need for reinvention. At Kale we see difficulties as optimal opportunities for evolution and, because of this, our mission is to transform the uncertainties of the current situation into growth and progress.

We specialise in advising and supporting organisations in their growth and progress through a customer-centric approach. This approach puts customers at the centre of the business, making them the core of all business strategies, actions, values and key aspects of business activity.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that, in order for businesses to grow, it is essential that companies change their perspective and place the customer at the epicentre of their vision. What does that mean? Active listening, making an effort to get to know and understand them better and  empathising with them must be a priority.

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Why customer-centricity?

Customer centricity stems from a need tied to the context.  Today, the customer is in charge. The consumer has ceased to be the recipient of business activity and has become a major player who now dictates, through the active expression of their needs, concerns, dreams and will, what companies should do, how they should do it, when and for what purpose. In the current scenario, not listening to the customer and responding to their feedback is bound for failure.

In this sense, having a multi-faceted understanding of our customers has become an essential. Basic data about our clients name, age, gender, geographic location, etc.— is no longer enough. It is now necessary to go a step further and pay attention to less explicit elements such as their interests, their consumption habits, their needs, their problems, their dissatisfactions, their dreams... In short, perceive the customer as the reason for our efforts and strive to give them what they need through active listening and proactive responses.

Progressing together. Now customer and company are on a one-way road where progress can only be made by walking hand in hand.


Our mission

Kale's mission is to accelerate organisations and grow brands by putting the consumer at the centre and turning data into actions that improve sales and user experience.

Our specialisation lies in the analysis of end-customer data and its transformation into deep and useful insights that contribute to informed decision-making (data-driven decisions) in the areas of marketing and sales.


Our services

As we mentioned in our previous post, one of Kale's most significant added values is that it offers a multidisciplinary range of services that combines data analysis and market research with strategies and actions focused on the client, marketing and sales. Thus, our services are based on 4 main activity areas which are not exclusive and can be combined and adapted according to the needs of each company: 

  • Customer Intelligence & Analytics: Capture, enrichment and advanced analysis of customer data in order to gain valuable insights about customers and transform them into effective action plans.
  • Customer Strategy & Business Activation: Exploration of market data, target segment analysis, trend identification and research about the competition for the definition of operational plans and key indicators. 
  • Customer Experience: We develop strategies and action plans for customer experience optimisation through analytical modelling. We help companies create more satisfying, effective, personalised and unforgettable customer experiences.
  • Data-Driven Transformation: We guide organisations on their journey towards data-driven transformation, prioritising customer experiences in every channel or touch point and driving their digital transformation.

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