Welcome to Kale!

Kale is Bismart's new project which has born with the desire to use data analysis and a customer-centric approach to offer answers to the data-driven necessities of sales and marketing professionals.


Get to know Kale!

Kale is Bismart's new brand which arises from the conviction that customer knowledge, active listening and focusing on customers' needs make organizations improve.

With a multidisciplinary approach that combines the use of data with market research and business intelligence, Kale positions itself as a consulting firm specialized in customer analytics and the detection of opportunities for brands. In the words of Borja Martín, Kale's director: "Our offer intends to know a customer that is increasingly omnichannel, as well as to transform data analysis into marketing or commercial actions."


Kale aims to be a meeting point between data analytics and market research. While technology, data and data-driven culture are already widely implemented in certain corporate departments or business units, marketing and sales are still not fully harnessing the power and potential of data. On the other hand, conventional analysts and data scientists do not have the knowledge about the market, customers, sales and communication processes needed to build comprehensive sales and marketing strategies from data. Between these two worlds —the world of data and the world of market and customer-focused strategies— lies Kale, an initiative that transforms data into actions that drive sales and optimize marketing actions

The ultimate purpose of this new project is to help other companies move forward by putting the customer at the center of their business strategies and leveraging data to make better decisions and transform in the digital age.

Because putting the customer at the center is the only way we know to help companies grow. Because only thinking about ourselves no longer makes sense.

1637 was the year when René Descartes first pronouned the phrase "Cogito ergo sum" in his famous "Discourse on the Method". Four centuries later, this famous expression remains one of the foundations of modern philosophy. Four centuries later, we still have not assimilated that business is based, much more than we might think, on philosophical thinking. Four centuries later, we still do not realize that we exist because others do. Without the other, I am not. Without people, a business is not.

Alia est ergo sum.

Welcome to Kale!