How to Manage Power BI to Increase Productivity?

As a company experiences significant growth in both its workforce and operations, asset management becomes an increasingly challenging task. In Power BI, the increase in reports, datasets, and the growing number of users all contribute to an increase in costs associated with licensing and administration in Power BI.[...]

Power BI Viewer Update: The new capabilities of Power BI Viewer 1.1

Power BI Viewer, the ultimate data governance and value generation solution for Power BI, has just released an update. Discover the new features of Power BI Viewer 1.1 and how to take full advantage of them.

5 Ideal Data Governance Tools for Companies

Companies' technological transformation has led to the need for data governance strategies. Data governance tools and their correct use are vital for proper information management and strategic decision making.

The 8 Great Advantages of Using Power BI Viewer

Many companies use Power BI as the central tool of their business intelligence strategy. However, the efficient use of Power BI becomes more complicated as the number of users, reports and other assets on the platform grows. Power BI Viewer solves the major challenges companies face when working with Power BI

Power BI Data Governance: Management, Control and Security in Power BI

As an organization grows in number of employees and activity, managing its assets becomes more complicated. Many companies have a large number of Power BI users, as well as a large number of reports, datasets, and other essential content for the use of the service. As the number of assets in the Power BI environment[...]

Microsoft Announces the End of Featured Dashboards in Power BI

Microsoft has just announced the retirement of the Featured Dashboards in Power BI Service, which will be permanently removed at the end of April. What does this mean and how will it affect the usability and data governance of the tool?

How to Apply Data Governance Policies to Power BI?

Applying data governance measures to corporate analytics systems has become an imperative for companies and businesses. Bismart has created a set of tools intended to empower organisations to apply data governance policies to Power BI: Power BI Viewer and Power BI Analytics.

What We Have Learned After Two Years of GDPR: Data Quality and Data Governance

Two years after the implementation of the GDPR, many companies are still not complying with the protection of personal data rules. The regulatory framework has taught us a lesson in data quality and data governance that companies can no longer ignore.

How to Use These 7 Most Effective Data Security Techniques

Information technology and the Internet have, indeed made things easy for us. On the other hand, they have also brought about the rise of security threats. Data privacy and data quality are now big issues, and it’s now essential that the most crucial information and data are protected. The first thing you have to do[...]

Why should we care about data quality?

Data quality is a measure of the status of data that is based on several factors: accuracy, consistency, and reliability, among others. Measuring data quality levels can help organizations identify mistakes that need to be resolved and assess whether the data in their computer systems is fit for the purpose for which[...]