How to Approach and Plan Power BI Projects?

Many companies consider investing in technologies to improve their business processes without realizing that the implementation of a new corporate business intelligence tool demands a well-designed deployment project. In this article we explain how to approach and plan Power BI projects to obtain optimal results.

5 Things You Must Know Before Getting a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

The Customer Data Platform has become a crucial part of companies' information systems. However, acquiring a CDP does not always result in better customer strategies. We talk about the 5 things you should know before getting a CDP

Google, Apple and Microsoft Put an End to the Password

Google, Microsoft and Apple have chosen World Password Day (May 5, 2022) to announce their agreement to put an end to passwords starting next year. Passwords will be replaced by a new security system called FIDO, based on authentication through mobile devices.

Source: Google

5 Ways Successful COOs Leverage Technology

Planning skills, analytics, operations management, problem-solving... We explore the most common habits of successful COOs and their connection to technology. How do COOs leverage technology? 

The 12 Main Technology Trends of 2022 According to Gartner

Every year, the US consulting firm Gartner publishes a study with the top technology trends of the year. In 2022, the list consists of 12 strategic technologies that will enable companies to accelerate growth, digitalisation and business process efficiency. We review the top 12 technology trends of 2022 according to[...]

How Microsoft Azure Helped Us Build The Magic Mirror

The face of retail is changing thanks to the incredible leaps in technology we've made in recent years. The advent of the internet revolutionized how people bought clothes, online shopping was the hottest trend. The next step is the Magic Mirror, revolutionizing the in-store experience by adding intelligence.

Looking for an Excel with Superpowers?

Yes, sure, Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful and versatile tool that makes the lives of all of us that work with numbers and formulas much easier. And of course for those of us who have to analyze database records.

Magic Mirror Amazes at the Mobile World Congress

Bismart returned to the Fira Gran Vía once again for the world's biggest trade show in mobile phones and mobile technology to present their brand new product - the Magic Mirror. Over 108,000 people were attracted to Barcelona for the event, making 2017's edition the biggest in the history of the Mobile World Congress.[...]

Best Microsoft Partners To Work With In Spain

There are currently over 640,000 Microsoft Partners around the world that build and sell solutions based on Microsoft technologies. The initiative has proven a massive success since its inception, with past figures indicating that for every $1 made by Microsoft from the Partner Network, the partners themselves earn[...]