Barcelona is one of the smartest cities in the world, and a city known globally as a hub of innovation. Here are the best Microsoft Partners in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a city of innovation, creativity, and a hub of technological development, and there are many Microsoft Partners in Barcelona for these exact reasons. The Catalan capital hosts many huge technological events, such as the annual Mobile World Congress, the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress, and the Smart City Expo World Congress. Needless to say, the Microsoft Partners in Barcelona couldn't be positioned in a better city to thrive.

Microsoft is one of the world's leading technology enterprises, offering phenomenal resources to their partnered companies. Microsoft Partners can build specific solutions on Microsoft platforms such as Azure, PowerBI, and SQL Server, ensuring top quality products, always. Here are some of the best Microsoft Partners in Barcelona that you should consider pairing up with for your next big project.


Bismart Microsoft Gold Partner 2020

With Microsoft Gold Competencies in Data Analytics and Cloud Computing, as well as numerous awards and recognitions as Microsoft Partner of the Year in multiple areas, Bismart has quickly established itself as one of the world's leading Microsoft Partners. Founded in 2009, the company has enjoyed success after success, and most recently captured the award for Best Innovation and Technology Solution at the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress. This award was given for Bismart's Smart Social Home Care solution, aimed at helping governments distribute social aid in better ways, so as to help the most vulnerable people in society.

Bismart strives to build unique Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions to fit whatever the needs of the client may be. At Bismart, we prefer to take a personal look at each of our clients' specific needs and look to solve their issues that way. We have worked with Sabadell and BBVA, and Santander banks, the governments of Catalunya and Bilbao, and top insurance providers Axa, among others. We work across multiple disciplines and multiple industries; our solutions are flexible enough to work in any way.

We were awarded our Gold Competencies for 2017 thanks to our expertise in delivering infrastructure and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions in Microsoft's Azure cloud. The Gold Competency certificates also allows Bismart access to internal Microsoft software licenses, technical and presales support, training for your IT professionals, developers, incentives, and marketing through the Partner Marketing Center and Microsoft Referrals, meaning that teaming up with Bismart ensures you the highest standards of quality.

Smart Retail

The world is getting smarter and smarter, and central to this advancement will be the retail industry, which will undoubtedly experience massive sea changes thanks to technological developments in recent and coming years. Smart Retail are a Microsoft Partner in Barcelona central to this change, developing their projects on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a versatile enterprise resource planning solution.

retail emotion by smart retail Bismart

One of their solutions, Retail Emotion, measures the satisfaction of a customer in the store by offering them with simple, one-touch quick survey. The solution is already in place in many stores and other places that wishes to measure their customer's satisfaction. The data collected is then brought to a central system that provides the retailer with valuable knowledge over how their stores are performing on the ground, normally a metric quite difficult to quantify in the retail industry.


Abast is one of the world's leading companies specializing in ICT solutions, technological solutions for information and communications technology. Their integrated solutions are designed to transform processes in your organization, with the ultimate end goal of helping reduce costs, improve efficiency, and expand your capabilities to make you more flexible. They boast over 30 years of experience leading the way in their industry, counting significant companies and organizations as their client base.

They have made solutions for the Spanish government, Sabadell bank, and telecommunications giant Yoigo, to name just three. With offices in Madrid as well as Barcelona, and about 300 staff members strengthening their team, Abast have become one of the leading Microsoft Partners in Barcelona and the rest of Spain.


Semic is a company that supplies technology and solutions across the world, distributing computer equipment with a great financial and logistical capacity. The company works across multiple platforms and works with a diverse spread of brands and technologies, meaning you'll be paired with the right fit for what will work best for you, rather than what extra units they want to get rid of.

One of Semic's top specialties is the integration of technological resources with human resources, deeply committing themselves to each client's case to understand their specific pain points. With a good understanding of where your client's issue lies, you can then work to build the perfect solution to fit that need. Another advantage of working with Semic is that they have close relationships with some of the biggest companies in the world of IT. They are one of the main correspondents to manufacturers, wholesalers, financial companies, and they have deals in the transport sector, all to bring technology closer to your business.


Posted by Maria Gorini