Our team of recruiters with expertise in finding technology profiles can help you find the ideal candidate to join your team. Find out how!

The labour market is more and more oriented towards digital profiles, especially in terms of data handling, processing and analysis, as well as the development of technological solutions. However, technological and IT profiles are amongst the most challenging to find and select due to the high level of technical skills required and the high demand.

Bismart, with 10 years of experience in the selection of technological profiles, IT and data experts, has a team of recruiters and headhunters specialised in finding the right person to meet your business needs. 


Our recruitment and headhunting team has been selecting professionals with tech profiles for years, both nationally and internationally. We help other companies to find the ideal person to fill their job vacancies. Our long experience in the selection of personnel of this kind has given us a great understanding of what it means to find this type of professional profiles, as well as of the business needs of companies and the characteristics, aptitudes and technical competences necessary to solve them. 


What do we offer?

Bismart specialises in recruitment and headhunting through 3 selection methods:

  • Direct selection: We are looking for the ideal candidate to join your team (direct hiring).
  • Professional services: The selected candidate works for our client full-time but is hired by Bismart.
  • Mixed selection: The candidate is hired by Bismart for an established period of time, with the possibility of being hired by the client company later on.
Our team, our best reference

Bismart is made up of a team of highly talented experts in both management and operations.  

Our technical team is composed of computer engineers, physicists, mathematicians and statisticians with deep experience in different industries and a long list of certifications that endorse them as data experts.

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Our methodology

Bismart conducts a complete recruitment process that covers from the active search for candidates, to the continuous monitoring of the progress of the selected candidate once he/she is part of our client's team.

Likewise, our specialisation in the search for IT profiles has led us to adapt the methodology of the selection process, prioritising the needs and timing of our clients in order to achieve the best results in each specific case

Our aim is not only to find a profile that meets all the technical and competency requirements you need, but we also prioritise finding the person who best fits with your business culture. 


  • Consultancy: We focus on providing the right answers to our clients' requests. Therefore, before starting the search and selection process, we explore the requirements of each company in depth and analyse in detail the characteristics of the professional environment in which the candidate will be incorporated.
  • Job description:  We are experts in analysing and identifying the competencies, technical requirements and skills to be considered and prioritised according to each company's specific needs.
  • Active search: We have an extensive database of IT, technology and BI professionals ready to tackle new professional challenges. In addition, our recruiters are specialised in the active search for personnel beyond the most recognised professional platforms and our database. Looking for something difficult to find? We accept any challenge!
  • CV screening: We select the right candidates for each job and corporate culture. Our extensive experience allows us to distinguish profiles according to the speciality, technical skills, knowledge, experience, skills, achievements, interests and the salary range of the candidates.
  • Competency-based interview: We have a long track record of conducting in-depth interviews that allow us to ditect whether a candidates has the qualities required by the client.
  • Technical interview: We complement the first interview with a second technical interview in which we put the candidates to test to make sure they have the technical knowledge and skills required by the client.
  • Reporting: After the selection of suitable candidates, our team prepares dynamic and detailed reports on the selected profiles. We explore both the technical requirements and the interests, strengths and talents of each candidate.
  • Follow-up: Once the selected profile has joined the company, we continuously monitor their performance. Meeting the expectations of both the client and the person selected is our priority. 

Throughout the entire recruitment we keep our clients informed about the status and progress of the process. If you work with us, you will always be aware of the competencies of the selected profiles and the progress and results of the interviews. 

We try to establish an uninterrupted communication connection with the client so that we can detect any changes, obstacles or complications at an early stage and take corrective measures in time.


Making a difference

Our recruitment team puts as much effort into finding the ideal candidate for our own team as it does into finding the right profile for other companies. Our mission is to make life easier for other organisations by reinforcing our clients' teams through talent.

For this reason, we complement our offer of professional services with full technical support. We don't just find a highly qualified consultant, we back them up with a team of accredited professionals who support them.


Who has trusted us?

We have helped many leading organisations in the technology, data and business intelligence sector by selecting the right person for their team. We have worked with both national and international companies that have trusted us to find the talent their teams needed. 

With Bismart, rather than a recruitment team, you will be working with a full HR partner.

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Posted by Núria Emilio