Zebra BI Office: Zebra BI Visuals Now in Excel and Powerpoint

Last Tuesday we celebrated the official launch of Zebra BI Office, which provides Zebra BI visuals for Excel and PowerPoint. Zebra BI Office takes us one step further down the journey towards the democratization of data visualization and BI analytics. 

Top 8 New Features of the Latest Zebra BI Update

Zebra BI, a company that provides visuals for Power BI, has just announced an update that includes new capabilities and the optimization of some of its functionalities. We review the 8 most important new features of the latest Zebra BI update

Source: Zebra BI

What Is the Role of a CFO in 2022? The CFO of the Future

The role of the CFO is evolving into an increasingly strategic role. Technology skills, strategic vision and a data-centric mindset are some of the core competencies of the new CFO. 

Less Is More: 10 Ways to Use Less Colours in a Visual

Visualisation is one of the most important aspects of reporting. Visuals play a major role in the democratisation of data, by helping executives to understand the data so they can make better decisions. However, using too many colours can work against us, causing confusion and making our reports look childish. Here[...]

How to Create a Dashboard in Power BI?

Creating a dashboard is one of the most common tasks when working with Power BI. However, people who are not used to working on the platform may encounter difficulties when designing a dashboard in Power BI. We explain how to create a dashboard in Power BI!

Top 10 Analytics and Data Trends for 2021 According to Gartner

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on all spheres of life and the business world has been no exception. In addition to the harsh economic consequences, the global pandemic has involved the transformation of analytics and data techniques used by companies until the emergence of the virus. We review the top 10 analytics and[...]

Take Data Visualization To Another Level With Zebra BI!

Maximize the analytical power of your Power BI reports with Zebra BI! Developing powerful, more complete, innovative and inspiring data visualizations and dashboards has become a competitive advantage for businesses. Zebra BI is a service that can be integrated with Power BI and Excel and complements these tools with[...]

Bismart improves the design of its Power BI solutions with Zebra BI

At Bismart we develop business solutions with a strong technological base. Much of our work is to facilitate the understanding of the data stored in companies so that they can make decisions based on them, as well as make predictions for the future. We have been developing these solutions with Power BI since the[...]

Charticulator: The Microsoft Tool That Creates Visuals Without Code

In the field of business intelligence there is a very useful skill: knowing how to properly represent the information found in the data. Being able to create these representations that share exactly the information and specific insights needed increases our competitiveness and efficiency and those of our clients. For[...]

7 Key Elements on Insights, Technology, and Marketing Data Strategies

It is undeniable that the playing field in the environment of marketing and marketing data is under review and professionals in the area are challenged to redefine their roles, their activities, and their agenda to be influential in their companies.