Microsoft Announces the End of Featured Dashboards in Power BI

Microsoft has just announced the retirement of the Featured Dashboards in Power BI Service, which will be permanently removed at the end of April. What does this mean and how will it affect the usability and data governance of the tool?

How to Create a Dashboard in Power BI?

Creating a dashboard is one of the most common tasks when working with Power BI. However, people who are not used to working on the platform may encounter difficulties when designing a dashboard in Power BI. We explain how to create a dashboard in Power BI!

What Is an Analytical Dashboard?

Dashboards differ in form and content depending on the business need they are intended to address, their target audience and their purpose. Thus, dashboards can be classified according to their by their function. On this occasion, we talk about the analytical dashboard.

Top 10 Power BI Dashboards 2021

One of the most useful Power BI possibilites is the creation of corporate dashboards that companies use to monitor the performance of one or several business areas. As it happens with all technologies, dashboards and their creation settings are constantly evolving. We present the best corporate Power BI dashboards in[...]